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Scaffold tower 3.9' x 6.5'


Scaffold tower mobile is a special construction that helps to climb to height and to do different types of construction work. It’s demountable, consists of kit. It can be assembled fast, because there is no need of using any other special instruments. It’s equipped with wheels that allow moving assembled installation easily

Auxiliary equipment for scafold towers the structure consists of

Scaffolding towers a system of connected with each other elements, forming frame attachment. It is made of steel pipe with diameter of 1.7″. Consists of 2 main parts, formed of separate details. Base unit and stackable floor relate to main parts. Base unit consists of:

  • wheel sticks with jacks. Stackable floor is assembled from ladder sections, which are tied together with ties and dumbbells.
  • volume diagonal
  • coupler beam
  • crossbars
  • dumbbell fencing
  • stairs fencing
  • decks

Scaffold tower types is it possible to order in the Starscaff company? Our company produces scaffold towers in such modifications:

  • 6.5′ x 6.5′ – it’s the model with the largest size of working platform. It is possible to perform work at a height of up to 68.9′ on it, can withstand loads up 440 lb
  • 3.9′ x 6.5′ – has a maximum capacity load of 44 lb; works at a height of up to 68.9′ are allowed
  • 5.5′ x 2.6′ – scaffold tower can be 27.5′ high

Additional equipment with stabilizers are needed to all types of towers, regardless of the size of working area, if tower’s high is more than 16.4′.

Mobile scaffold tower to assemble it

Before starting the installation of equipment, it’s necessary to prepare work area, to clean it of debris, to align the surface and to lay wooden linings. It is established in such a way so that it stands on screw supports, without touching the ground with the wheels. It allows to align the structure and to put it in a stable position. After the preparatory phase it is cleared for assembling. For it:

  • install the wheel supports parallel to each other
  • put two ladders into the base sticks, fasten them with dumbbells and ties
  • fasten them together with a volumetric diagonal

All the following sections are built up on the previous ones, enclosing level is installed last. Decks are mounted on the fencing floor.

Scaffold tower (rolling tower package) buy in New York City

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